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Enrollment Policies

Policies for enrollment into department courses

To ensure equity in student enrollment and support degree completion, the University of California, Davis utilizes block enrollment periods. These pass times are generated by the registrar's office. A students' enrollment date/time can be located on their OASIS portal.


Pass 1 Enrollment:
  • Limited to a MAX of 17 units.
  • Students are encouraged to enroll into their major coursework required for graduation during this time.
Pass 2 Enrollment:
  • Limited to a MAX of 19 units.
Scheduling Adjustment:
  • Enrollment in up to 28.5 units allowed.
  • Enrollment restrictions may be lifted during this time.
Open hours:
  • Students are able to modify their coursework, even after their designated pass time.

You may reference specific information on the date/time by visiting the academic calendar.

Enrollment Exceptions

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) adheres to strict enrollment policies and does not guarantee enrollment into a course if you are currently on the waitlist. PTAs will not be issued until the scheduling adjustment period. Please plan accordingly.

A PTA number WILL NOT be issued for the following reasons:

1.1:  A change of major

1.2:  Classes dropped due to non-payment of fees
1.3:  Classes dropped accidentally
1.4:  Completion of degree requirements for institutions other than UC Davis
1.5:  Time conflicts with other classes (unless you receive an exception from your instructors, the course does not have a waitlist, and the class room capacity allows it)
1.6:  Missing Pass 1 (students may still enroll during open hours)
1.7:  The class is listed on your academic plan for the current quarter
1.8:  Completing the major (if you have other opportunities to take the course and it does not delay your graduation beyond the usual graduation timeline such as attempting early graduation)
1.9:  Elective course for completing a major (if you have other options/opportunities to take the course)
1.10:  Completing MAE classes for other university requirements
1.11:  Circumventing course registration restrictions (ex. Pass 1 registration restricted to MAE majors)
1.12:  This course is recommended for a job, internship, research position, or admission to a graduate program
1.13:  To maintain full-time status and/or receive financial aid
1.14:  To meet the minimum progress requirement
1.15:  To repeat a failed course

- Approved PTA numbers will not be issued until the scheduling adjustment period. 
- A PTA number WILL NOT be issued if the course has a waitlist.
- A PTA number WILL NOT  be issued if the classroom is at max capacity (due to Fire Code)

Requesting a PTA
If a student has reasons outside of the list above, you may contact MAEughelp@ucdavis.edu with the subject, CONFIRMATION: PTA Policy Read.
Graduate students who would like to enroll into MAE undergraduate courses:

Seats must be available in the course and section you choose.

1. Reach out to the faculty of the course for their approval to enroll (Instructor of Record). 
2. Forward email approval from faculty to maeughelp@ucdavis.edu along with the CRN of the section of interest and your student ID Number.

PTA numbers will not be issued until the scheduling adjustment period. First and Second pass enrollment is designated for current undergraduate students in our majors.