MAE Graduate Students

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Interdisciplinary design defines the UC Davis Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Graduate Program.

Department research advances design in diverse fields such as manufacturing, micro- and nano-technology, vehicles, biomechanics, aerostructures, sensors, controls, mechatronics, combustion and energy systems. Graduate student researchers acquire skills to address both fundamental issues in these areas and to design complex, multi-component systems. This highly collaborative environment fosters multidisciplinary research while drawing on the study of mechanical engineering, mathematics, electrical engineering, materials science, biology and nanotechnology.

Recruiters from industry are active here, knowing that in addition to having hands-on design experience, our students are well-grounded in engineering fundamentals. They study with professors who “wrote the book” on their discipline and work on design projects with researchers who are international authorities in their field. Our graduate students are able to work closely with faculty in a friendly but demanding environment where teamwork and faculty mentoring are important, as is the cross-disciplinary, collaborative culture that is unique to UC Davis.


Both the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Graduate Program and UC Davis value and promote diversity among its students, faculty and staff.

The program constantly strives to cultivate and maintain a respectful, inclusive environment where all students can flourish in partnership with the university and the broader community.

A diverse graduate student population enriches our learning, teaching, research, and overall academic scholarship and experience.