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Aerospace Science and Engineering

The Aerospace Science and Engineering Bachelor of Science degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, https://www.abet.org, under the commission's General Criteria and Program Criteria for Aerospace and similarly named engineering programs.


Aerospace science and engineering is the branch of engineering that applies scientific knowledge to the design, manufacture and operation of aircraft. Our Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Science and Engineering provides a broad background and fundamental education in mathematics, the physical sciences and the engineering sciences. These fundamentals, when complemented by the required technical courses, prepare students for employment in government or industry, while simultaneously establishing an excellent foundation for graduate studies.

The fundamental disciplines of this branch of engineering apply to all bodies and vehicles whose applied loads are influenced by aerodynamic forces. Within this context, aeronautical engineers are involved with automobiles, trains, ships and submarines, aircraft, rockets and missiles, sports equipment and a variety of energy systems. Courses in fundamental engineering principles are supplemented with courses in propulsion, aerodynamics, performance, stability and control, aircraft preliminary design, aeronautical structures and aeroelasticity.

A broad range of technical elective courses is available. Some students choose these electives from different areas of study in order to begin developing a specialty. Others choose from several areas in order to broaden their background in the sciences and engineering. Typical aerospace science and engineering specialties include aero-thermodynamics, propulsion systems, aircraft performance, stability and control, aeronautical structures, aeroelasticity, flight testing, space systems design or component and mechanism design. Students should consult with a faculty advisor before selecting technical electives.