Paul Erickson

uc davis mechanical aerospace engineering professor paul erickson

Position Title

  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
2102 Bainer Hall
Energy, fuels, heat and mass transfer enhancement of reacting flows, advanced vehicle powertrains and propulsion, pollution prevention, instrumentation, international development.

Professor Erickson has pioneered methods of using hydrogen and synthetic fuels in various stationary and mobile applications. He is interested in technologies that enable lower emissions and improve the standard of living in a global energy context. Professor Erickson directs the Energy Research Laboratory at UC Davis, where technical research is performed on all aspects of power harvesting and conversion applications, with an emphasis on novel fuels and powertrain subsystems. Erickson and his lab aim to expand use of renewable resources, allow more efficient use of traditional resources, improve reliability and performance of power systems and lowering pollution and costs associated with mobile and stationary applications.