Mark P. Modera

uc davis mechanical aerospace engineering professor mark modera

Position Title
Professor Emeritus

  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

Sempra Chair in Energy Efficiency

Heat transfer, fluid mechanics, aerosols, energy efficiency, HVAC, indoor air quality, energy use management

Professor Modera is the Director of the Western Cooling Efficiency Center (WCEC) and the Energy and Efficiency Institute (EEI) at UC Davis. He develops and directs multi-investigator, mission-oriented research programs that work to improve the energy use and costs associated with the built environment. His personal research interests include using aerosols to seal leaks remotely, using evolving sensors to diagnose building performance and evolving HVAC technologies, including evaporative cooling. WCEC students work on laboratory and field testing, as well as modelling, of evolving building technologies.