Jae Wan Park

uc davis mechanical aerospace engineering associate professor jae wan park

Position Title

  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
2096 Bainer Hall
Lithium-ion batteries, PEM fuel cell, energy storage, hybrid electric vehicles

Professor Park is interested in sustainable energy conversion and energy storage systems for transportation and electrical grids. Park’s Green Technology Laboratory (GTL) consists of two research groups that study the proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells and lithium ion batteries.

In the fuel cell laboratory, GTL - Fuel Cell Lab, students study, design, manufacture and characterize advanced PEM fuel cells. The characterization data is used to optimize the design of PEM fuel cells for use in electric vehicles. The fuel cell research group is challenging development of ultra-high-performing PEM fuel cells using new materials and innovative flow field designs.

In the battery lab, GTL - Battery Lab, students study the behavior of lithium-ion batteries of varying chemistries under different conditions. Using the data, they create models, new test procedures, controls and design systems that take advantage of high-energy density storage systems. The battery research group is currently focusing on reusing electric vehicle (EV) batteries for stationary battery storage systems. Reusing EV batteries in stationary applications is critical to realizing the economic and environmental potential of EVs.