Cristina Davis

uc davis mechanical aerospace engineering professor cristina davis

Position Title
Associate Vice Chancellor of Interdisciplinary Research and Strategic Initiatives

  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
2004 Bainer Hall
Instrumentation, wearable sensors, mechanical design, MEMS/micro/nano, machine learning, chemistry

Professor Davis works at the interface of mechanical design, data analytics and chemistry. She designs and implements cutting-edge chemical sensor systems to solve real-world problems and enable trace chemical detection in challenging environments. Her research group is diverse and interdisciplinary in composition and in research. Researchers from engineering, chemistry and computer science have a wide array of activity that ranges from novel sensor development to systems integration, to basic chemistry studies to discover novel biomarkers of significance. Her research has broad applications in human and animal health monitoring, as well as in agriculture. Her award-winning work has impacted many user communities, and she has spun off two UC Davis-affiliated startup companies from her research to commercialize the work.